Summary. Sometimes we need to have a vision for change that extends our entire lifetime and perhaps beyond. This can help us see that the small steps we take, and the small changes we make, can ultimately bring about a huge change in the world. Such a broader vision helps us keep going when the fruits of our labor are small or imperceptible.

The writing below from Rabbi Blesofsky of Chabad Iowa City explains this phenomenon and shares some insights from the Rebbe (Menachem Mendel Schneerson) shown in the photo here.

At a public gathering, the Rebbe related the story of a young Jewish girl who, after learning about Shabbat candles, pressed her mother to allow her to fulfill this special commandment.

The Rebbe described how this ritual awakened the mother’s interest in Jewish observance, pushing her to take her own steps forward.

The candle-lighting campaign is just one of many “dots” the Rebbe encouraged people to place on their own personal work of art.

Boys over Bar Mitzva and men wearing tefilin each weekday. Giving charity, even just a small coin each weekday. Loving one’s fellow Jew. Married couples observing the laws of family purity. Keeping the kosher dietary laws. Having mezuzot on one’s doors. Studying Torah. Having Jewish books in one’s home. Jewish kids getting a Jewish education.

The dot by dot philosophy is the Rebbe’s approach not just for each person’s individualized illustration but for the transformation of the entire world as well. For G-d’s intent in creating this world was that it be transformed into the picture-perfect era of Redemption: a pain and war free universe, where all people will live together harmoniously.

How do we accomplish such a seemingly monumental task as the transformation of the entire world to good? Through the small, good deeds – dots – of people across the globe:

Moshiach is ready to come now,” the Rebbe told CNN reporters. “It is only on our part to increase in acts of goodness and kindness.”

This Tuesday, when we commemorate the Rebbe. We will strive to join the dots on the huge artwork-in-progress which, when completed, will display the Rebbe’s vision that powers his leadership. It is a vision that began forming when he was just a young child, a vision of “the Redemption of the Jewish people from their final exile, a Redemption of such magnitude that through it will be understood the suffering, the terrible decrees, persecution and oppression of the exile…”

May our dots and deeds be joined to create the ultimate masterpiece with Moshiach NOW!

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The quoted article above is from Rabbi Blesofsky of Chabad Iowa City.