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Summary. Decorated Shed is a business that brings beauty, function, and sustainable design to housing, studios, garden offices, and other outbuildings.

In addition to creating beautiful dwellings, their business meets the highest standards of creativity, excellence, and elegance in everything they do, including their website design.

The Decorated Shed range has been developed as a direct result of a need to create design-led, sustainable and innovative buildings.

The demands of the modern consumer have led to issues of ‘planned obsolescence’ and the ‘throwaway aesthetic’ in everyday products – leading to a continual repeated cycle of buying, using and discarding that has become accepted practice for most people.

Here at Decorated Shed we reject this trend, and firmly believe that products should be designed and built to last, giving a continued functional application as well as visual satisfaction day after day, and year after year.

The best old wooden structures can last for hundreds of years and yet retain and develop character over time without degrading or losing functional performance.

At Decorated Shed the meticulous selection of materials and expert craftsmanship ensures that each design is developed to the highest standards, with a durability that will stand up to both the elements and everyday life.

Website Design. The elegance, beauty, function, and attention to detail found in Decorated Shed structures and dwellings extends to their website design as well.

Beautifully Engineered Buildings for work, leisure and life. Every Decorated Shed design can be adapted to suit your needs so there are very few limitations for your garden building design. We are the perfect solution to extend your home without having to move house or get a traditionally-built extension which will cost more and take a lot longer. Our garden buildings can take as little as 4 days to build and we will handle everything for you from the planning permission to the aftercare advice.

Environmental care is important to us. We use recycled materials where ever possible through our buildings inside and out. We source our materials worldwide to get the best quality and we use top of the range tri fold door systems which provide all our buildings with high insulation in all seasons.

Green Benefits of the Garden Annex. Decorated Shed garden annexes and holiday homes – including the Barn – are built to exacting standards that meet and exceed current building regulations on energy efficiency and insulation. This dedication to quality results in a garden annex building that not only looks amazing, but performs to incredibly high standards when it comes to heating, powering and general running.

With such class-leading efficiency – combined with a strict adherence to a sustainable material supply chain – our garden annexes represent truly green investments, providing low-impact living solutions.

The prefabricated build process – with highly-insulating composite panels developed off-site – enables the Decorated Shed team to complete a full project in around four days, massively faster and more efficient than a traditional build of similar proportions.

As with all Decorated Shed garden buildings, our garden annexes and holiday homes are built to specification. This means that the building is designed precisely around your own personal needs, and will begin performing a life-enhancing role from the moment it is completed.

Increase Home Workers. The past year has been a difficult time for many of us and the number of people working from home has risen dramatically. In some cases though people would prefer to work from home and benefit from a healthier and cheaper way of living but employers have not been crazy about it, even though it will reduce over heads and the companies carbon footprint.

We touched on Is telecommuting really green? In our previous blog this week, and the answer was yes, telecommuting is growing and eco bosses and workers are giving the carbon footprint solution a go. If the unfortunate situation arises and you don’t have a boss anymore there are plenty of options and well paid jobs out there for home workers.

Decorated Shed have become strong supporters of the working from home theory due to the recession and carbon foot print solutions. We build and design bespoke garden offices and garden studios which have become a popular product recently. We act on environmental issues through our high performance energy efficient insulation and our triple sealed doors and windows buildings. Decorated Shed also use recycled material where ever possible. Our Garden Offices are built to your specific requirements and our objective is to build a eco friendly, beautifully engineered garden office with natural and relaxing interiors to enhance your new work place.

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Disclosure Statement. Decorated Sheds is also a financial sponsor and supporter of ResourcesForLife.com