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Summary. Orabrush is a success story worth studying.

Robert Wagstaff, PhD, received word that some of the volunteers he was managing were offending people with bad breath. Dr. Bob started studying the causes of bad breath to find a solution. Borrowing from principles he learned while working in a chemical lab, he decided that the only way to remove the bacteria that cause bad breath from the tongue was with soft, flexible, pointed bristles.

Dr. Bob looked at the products out on the market. He found tongue scrapers, toothbrushes, and other such oral hygiene products, but none of them could remove the bacteria. In fact, these merely scraped the top of the bacteria, causing bad breath to resurface faster. He received a US patent (6,792,642) and FDA approval (3005936367). Now everyone can find the peace of mind that OraBrush brings to their social lives.

OraBrush is not designed like a toothbrush because it has individual bristles that are an extension of the brush head. Therefore, OraBrush does not need to be replaced as often. The suggested replacement schedule for OraBrush is every six months, or after a serious infection.

Because OraBrush bristles are individual, flexible and pointed, the material that is removed from the tongue does not stick on the head of the OraBrush. Simply holding OraBrush under a stream of running water will properly clean the OraBrush head. Store so that the OraBrush head will air dry. If you desire, you may dip OraBrush in a sanitizing mouthwash containing peroxide or alcohol.

A toothbrush is made to clean your teeth. The bristles are tufted into the base of the toothbrush head and the ends of the bristles are either flat or slightly rounded. These types of bristles will remove the material that sticks to the surface of the teeth. Your tongue is very soft and tender and the surface is uneven. A toothbrush will remove the top layer of bacteria but will not reach down and remove the bacteria growing in the indentations of the tongue. Applying pressure on the toothbrush may cause harm to the tender tongue surface. OraBrush bristles are individual, pliable, pointed and soft. These specialized bristles will reach down into the indentations of the tongue and loosen and remove the bacteria growing there.

Orabrush Story. Below is a video of the Orabrush success story from the Orabrush Channel on YouTube.