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Summary. Most companies, brands, organizations, celebrities, and musicians have their own dedicated websites. In a break from tradition, Vitamin Water, a product of Glacéau, now has their domain address redirecting to the Vitamin Water Facebook Page with a message, “don’t be alarmed, this is our new homepage (for now).” They have started a viral social marketing campaign that includes videos and other media.

New Website Hosting Paradigm. Can several website programmers and costly hosting fees be replaced by a simple, integrated, and free, web hosting solution? This bold experiment by Glacéau may pave the way for companies wanting to save on costly website hosting and have a greater presence on social networks. Here are some of the benefits gained by setting up a website within an existing social network:

  • rather than trying to create a social network component on your website, it’s easier to use an already working turnkey solution
  • people reluctant to signup with just one more website are more likely to join your page if membership requires only a click (assuming visitors already belong to Facebook)
  • the computers and software required to host the site are managed by someone else which saves time and money on upgrades, backups, and maintenance
  • site design and navigation are already configured
  • instant access to millions of people online
  • greater exposure through automated word-of-mouth (word-of-mouse) people telling people when announcements are made on profile pages as people join or become fans
  • you gain valuable demographic information about the people who have an interest in your product

Video. Below are some examples of the videos featuring Steve Nash found on the Vitamin Water YouTube Channel.

Spoof of Fitness or Nutrition Commercial (below)

Imitation of Ben Stiller – as in Zoolander (below)

Steve Nash – Dedicated Athlete (below)

Steve Nash – Humble Product Spokesman (below)

Steve Nash – Clint Eastwood Imitation in Dos Equis Parody  (below)