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Summary. In the video below, Steve Nash shares an inspirational message about the synergy of various athletic sports and training.

Traditional advertising places a product or service at the center of attention.

However, a new approach to advertising has become more common where the primary message of the advertisement is about values and virtues that inspire and motivate people toward a hopeful future. This kind of media is a fusion of advertising and social activism.

This approach to advertising has been hugely successful. Formats can take different forms such as a music video or telling an inspirational story. These tend to be organically promoted through people telling people.

Video. Below is a video about commitment and training produced by Nike featuring Steve Nash. The video, produced by Nike, features the upbeat world music song Nyoka Musango featuring Lora Chiorah-Dye & Sukutai from the album Safarini In Transit – Music of African Immigrants. [Available on iTunes]