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Dynomighty Design Mighty Wallet Airmail Envelope DesignSummary. The Mighty Wallet by Dynomighty Design of New York City is a product that transcends traditional paradigms of price and quality.

Unique products of high quality, innovative design, and impressive durability are often priced high.

The Mighty Wallet is inexpensive enough ($15) that after you buy it you’ll still have some money left to put in it.

It may be that one of the world’s least expensive wallets is actually one of the best.

Available in many designs, these wallets are made partially from recyclable Tyvek and 25% recycled plastic water and milk containers. Tyvek is a material from DuPont that is highly durable and strong, yet easy to imprint and work with.

As a company, Dynomighty Design is, like their products, high quality, innovative, and dynamic. Theirs is a business model worth emulating.

Wallet Features Video. Below is a video showing the many benefits and features of the Mighty Wallet.

Magnetic Jewelry and Desk Accessories. In addition to amazing wallets, Dynomighty Design also offers intriguing magnetic jewelry.

Desk DOTS – Magnetic Organizers (video below)

Magnetic Jewelry (videos below)

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