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at&t-painted-hands-advertising-global-world-coverage-countries-brazil-brasilSummary. AT&T recently launched a colorful and creative advertising campaign using painted hands to represent familiar images from various countries around the world where they offer mobile phone and data coverage. A series of these photos is found below.

“Companies and organizations, through integrity, creativity, inspiration, best practices, and green mindfulness, are increasingly gaining a large voluntary base of growing support.

Rather than paying for advertising, they get word of mouse and word of mouth advertising for free. Read about our Free Advertising Program to learn more.

I’d like to think this trend will increase making it almost impossible for businesses to survive that are unethical or doing things that harm the planet.

I get a chuckle when I see Apple products getting what probably is free product placement in all kinds of print advertising, television, and movies. It’s hard to compete with that.” ~ Gregory Johnson

AT&T Painted Hands Photos. Click any image for a larger view.