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Summary. CityPrayz is a Christian ministry that offers live worship events as well as online devotional readings and inspiring worship music videos.

Prayer and Praise. The name CityPrayz appears to be a fusion of the words city, prayer, and praise and offers a formula for personal and community renewal and revival.

Power of Praise. In the same way that there are super-foods in the human diet, there are superfoods in the Christian diet. Praise and Worship music is a spiritual superfood (or complete food) because it contains all the various faith nutrients from each of the spiritual food groups: community, scripture, fasting, fellowship, meditation, singing, and prayer. [source] For this reason, the outreach and activities of CityPrayz have an effective impact on individuals and communities.

Praise and Worship Music Videos. Below are some examples of the praise and worship music of CityPrayz.

Salvation. The basic Christian message of salvation is beautifully conveyed in the poem found in the two-minute video below.