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Summary. Below are several funny videos from Sony about how easy it is to use the new Sony Xperia X10 smart phone. More information is available on Sony’s YouTube channel.

These are the official videos all in one place for your convenience, and we offer these video ads free of any (other) advertising. We call it, advertising free advertising. So you can watch your favorite advertisements in peace, unobstructed by other ads.

We are featuring these ads here on our site as part of our free advertising campaign and also because these ads are an example of how advertising can be entertainment.

While these ads were produced to generate a groundswell of public support, they may also offend some people because they stereotypically suggest that certain groups of people are, perhaps, not as technologically savvy as as the general population. The groups targeted by the ads so far are models, weight lifters, surfers, glam rockers, and toddlers. Their next ad promised soon is to feature seniors. It will be interesting if any special interest groups take offense at these ads. The movie Zoolander with Ben Stiller was a full-length feature film that poked fun at the modeling industry and portrayed models as unintelligent. Yet, there wasn’t an outcry about that, so perhaps these ads will be viewed simply as they are intended to be, just comedy.

Surfers (below)

Toddlers (below)

Glam Rockers (below)

Models (below)

Body Building Italian Guys (below)

More About the Sony Xperia X10 Smart Phone. Below is more information about the Sony Xperia X10 smart phone including some images and animation.