Problem Summary

Sometimes when you attempt to print an email or web page, not all of the content will show in your printout. This is because some images may be considered background images.

Usually a background image doesn’t contain important or essential information, but sometimes the background image is important. This document offers a step-by-step guide for better printing output. These instructions assume you are using Google Chrome.

Problem Solution

The following steps should help with missing images from most printing tasks.

STEP #1 – More Settings

From the print dialog screen, click on More settings as shown below.

STEP #2 – More Settings Expanded

With the More Settings options expanded, you will see at the top of that list is paper size, as shown below.

STEP #3 – More Settings Scroll Down

You will want to scroll down the list of more settings until you see the options shown below. There are check-boxes available. Headers and footers is usually checked and selected.

STEP #4 – Background Graphics

Place a check in the box next to Background graphics, as shown below, and then press the Print button.