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Summary. A radical group recently announced their extremist agenda and manifesto. The organization has members in cities and countries spanning the globe.

Until their demands are met, the organization and their world-wide network of members will continue engaging in random acts of kindness and compassion.

They are calling for a more understanding and peaceful world, and have listed their demands in the form of a list of values and virtues that they hope to promote.

Their extremist agenda includes extreme love, extreme compassion, extreme forgiveness, extreme understanding, extreme cooperation, and other unyielding expressions of inspiration and hope.

Their manifesto is espoused on the website where you can read more about the group. A sister organization is found on the website. Other similar groups and websites are being launched daily as a show of solidarity.

Leaders of the world-wide kindness and compassion movement have stated they will not back down, nor will they cease being kind and compassionate. Their members have now infiltrated just about every business, organization, and government on earth. They are hard to identify because they are comprised of people of every age from all nations, nationalities, races, religions, and economic position.

Groups promoting bitterness, unforgiveness, misunderstanding, exploitation, and general meanness are dismayed by this news, but it seems there’s nothing they can do to stop the unfolding of compassion and kindness around the world.

World-wide incidents of peace, reconciliation, and understanding are on the rise. Stay tuned for more news as it unfolds. Until then, Happy Holidays!