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Summary. Dansko is an environmentally conscientious shoe company seeking to reduce everyone’s footprint.

As a Certified B Corporation, Dansko doesn’t just avoid having a negative impact on the environment, but actively searches for ways to have a positive impact on our environment, community, and the world. Similar to Socially Responsible Investments, B Corporations are socially responsible businesses seeking to leave the world better than they found it.

In the Dansko catalog for Spring/Summer 2011 [7.1 MB PDF], on the right column of page 6, you’ll find the sidebar shown here.

Dansko asked their employees what inspired them. Employee Jan K. shared her enthusiasm about the Small House Movement.

Gregory Johnson, President of the Small House Society, provides this commentary:

“In 2010 Jan K. purchased my tiny Tumbleweed design home, which is one of the first homes built that helped launch the small house movement. When I learned that it might be featured in the Dansko catalog, I was really encouraged. I’m inspired by all that Dansko is doing to improve the environment and our world. It seems that Dansko has become the official shoe of the Small House Movement!” ~ Greg Johnson

Dankso Catalog Download. Click the image below to download the Spring 2011 Dansko catalog [7.1 MB PDF].