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Summary. Apple recently announced a new version of iMovie for the iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and iPad 2.

Considering the cost of about $5, the software is really amazing. Below is a video recorded on the iPhone 4 and edited using iMovie on the iPhone 4.

Commentary. Greg Johnson comments about using iMovie on the iPhone 4.

“In making this demo video, I used iMovie on the iPhone 4. As I added more video clips, sound tracks, and still images, my iMovie project became more complex and this slowed down the responsiveness of the program. I presume that using the dual-core powered iPad 2 the software is more responsive. However, on the iPhone 4, it took 5 seconds of waiting after each task before I could get the software to respond. By the time I’d completed the project, it was up to 10 seconds of waiting before anything would happen. So, it seems to me the iMovie running on older technology is fairly impractical for anything except the most simple project.” ~ Greg Johnson

Video Sample. Below is a video sample created using iMovie on the iPhone 4. For the highest quality image, switch from 360p to 720p. This is set using an option on the lower right area of the player once the video starts playing.