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Summary. Smalltopia: A Practical Guide to Working for Yourself is full of tips, tools, and strategies to help you create personal freedom through a very small business.

Smalltopia is broken up into three sections: Philosophy, Business Essentials, and Case Studies.

Author, Tammy Stroebel, shares her personal story of escaping the rat race and the lessons she learned along the way.


Review. Below is a review and testimonial by Gregory Johnson about Smalltopia.

Over 30 years ago I started my own consulting firm. It’s nice to get paid for doing what I love. To be successful, I’ve had to work smart and work hard. Along the way, I learned that simplicity is one of the keys to success — not just financial success but happiness success.

Smalltopia is an essential resource for anyone wanting to start and manage their own business. It’s not just enough to be in business for yourself. It’s not enough just to make lots of money. What’s really important is whether or not you’re happy. Many business owners have complicated, stressful, and busy lives. They have money, but not peace of mind.

If you build your life and business from the Smalltopia blueprints, you’ll be creating a foundation for future success and contentment. ~ Greg Johnson