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Summary. This document describes how to unpair (disconnect) an Apple wireless keyboard from one computer and have it setup for use on another computer.

Problem. Once the Apple wireless keyboard has become connected (paired) to a computer, it can be paired to a second computer and so on. This makes it difficult to move a keyboard from use on one device to another because it will persistently try to work on the previously connected computer.

Solution. To permanently move a keyboard from use on one computer to another, follow these steps.

  1. Open System Preferences on the computer your keyboard is currently synchronized (paired) to work with.
  2. Choose Bluetooth settings.
  3. Click to select the keyboard you’d like removed, then click the minus symbol below to remove it.
  4. Now add it to the other computer by adding a bluetooth item and following the instructions.

This document is based on the Apple Wireless Keyboard Support Document.