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Summary. ResourcesForLife.com director, Gregory Johnson, is now providing product reviews, online shopping consultation, and live consumer support for free. Click here to begin, or continue reading to learn more.

The Problem. In recent years, it’s become difficult for consumers and shoppers to find quality reviews of products and services because:

  • companies pay employees to post fake positive reviews
  • competitors pay employees to post negative reviews
  • trolls post inflammatory writings just to get a reaction from people
  • spammers are just there to promote whatever they are selling
  • blog reviews are sometimes just paid advertisements in disguise
  • well meaning consumers post reviews without possibly knowing the product well enough to provide a meaningful review
  • some people with generally negative outlooks about everything vent their frustrations online and may dissuade you from purchasing something that might have otherwise served you well

The Solution. ShopSquad.com is a website where consumers can go to get advice from online experts. Because product support specialists are reviewed by others, their authenticity, helpfulness and expertise is known.

Earn Money From Home. ShopSquad pays reviewers are paid commissions when consumers buy through the ShopSquad portal which offers the prices equal to or lower than the best online pricing. So, shopping through ShopSquad costs consumers nothing, yet results in a better shopping experience. You’re already giving people advice every day about products they are already buying. Now you can earn money for your efforts.

Click here to become a paid product support specialist.

A Better Affiliate Program. Anyone who has signed up for affiliate programs as a means to earn commissions from referred sales knows how much work it is to keep track of multiple affiliate programs and later go back to fix dead links. ShopSquad provides a link generation system that creates automatic links, as well as manually generated links. For example, this link to the popular HP Netbook at Best Buy is configured to create sales revenue. Creating a link takes seconds, and they can be used in emails or on the web.

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Video. Below are two videos that explain how ShopSquad works. The first is a one minute introduction. The second is a more in-depth video that offers an interview with ShopSquad CEO Charles Katz.

ShopSquad In-Depth Interview (below)