Effective Living

Summary. With the recent news of rampant hacking in the digital world, it’s not surprising that we’d see a rise in crime in our physical world.

When well financed businesses, organizations, and institutions are having their computers broken into, one begins to wonder how secure an individual could possibly be.

Commentary. Below is a commentary from Greg Johnson about the rise in cyber crime and other crime.

“I recently took my bicycle to the shop to have it cleaned and tuned for the summer season.

It’s not a very expensive bicycle, but I decided to lock it, and my bicycle cart, with a very secure lock and four cables securely fastened to each component of the bike.

I put it in a well lit and highly visible area next to the police station that gets a lot of pedestrian traffic and is regularly patrolled by police. Despite my many precautions, the bicycle was stolen.

When I arrived to find only the cut cables and u-bolt lock still attached to the bicycle rack, for some reason, it didn’t phase me at all. My thoughts lately have been focused on the numerous banks, government agencies, and security agencies that continue to be hacked almost daily.

Between the intentional yet random maliciousness of people and the arbitrary destruction of nature, it seems that nothing we have in the physical or digital world is safe anymore. That was an awareness I had before I found my bicycle stolen.

Floods, fires, hurricanes, tsunamis, earth quakes, and other natural phenomenon are causing billions of dollars in damage as devastation ravages homes, schools, businesses, and levels entire communities.

There are now over 4 million computers in just one of the groups of computers that are presently controlled by hackers. The top security analysts in the country now say it’s likely impossible to stop these armies of drone botnet zombie computers. [source]

So, my bicycle getting stolen by someone cutting through numerous thick woven reinforced cables, presumably in broad daylight, surrounded by armed police, somehow, just doesn’t surprise me.

It was time for a change anyway.