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Summary. The video below answers various questions about small house living, simplicity, and the small house movement. These questions arrived by email today.

  • What would you say in the single most important thing for simple and sustainable living?
  • How is the “Schedule for Life” tied into the Tiny Home Movement and sustainable living?
  • I read that the Mobile Hermitage was built at the beginning of the small house movement. What were the attitudes of people about your small home then and how have they evolved as the movement has picked up momentum?
  • I find it fascinating that the inside of your home is so efficient that it serves the functional equivalent of a house two to three times its size! What areas and appliances serve multiple purposes?
  • The Mobile Hermitage runs solely on battery power. Could you please go into more detail about that?
  • In your opinion, how big, if any, is the sacrifice of living in a tiny home?