Summary. The Mormon church recently launched a very polished and professional video campaign that is still underway. Purchasing paid positioning in YouTube, at the top right column, these ads have reached millions. It’s an amazing marketing accomplishment, and has helped rebrand the religion.

Not to be outdone, the Church of Scientology is the next group to launch a global campaign for increasing awareness and membership of their group. The campaign includes a fresh new look on their websites, and (the main website).

A Google search for Scientology, reveals a mix of opinions about the group. There are negative statements such as “Scientology is a cult that destroys people” [source] and “Scientology breaks the law, and lies to people, every day.” [source]

However, Scientology has a brand new bag — and a new image. With much greater funding than their critics, and an exceptional marketing and advertising team, it’s likely the rebranding of Scientology will be a huge success. Their main website claims that Scientology is the fastest growing religion in the 21st Century. [source] Presumably the new marketing campaign is an effort to grow even faster. Below are selected videos from the campaign that portrays Scientology as mainstream, hip, and a natural fit for a young globally connected generation. All media produced by the church comes from a world-class media production studio [described in this video].

Videos. Below are examples of the videos that are part of the Scientology media campaign.