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Summary. One of the best themes available for self-hosted WordPress websites is the Twenty Ten Theme. The header can be customized with unique graphics and logo art, and there are many other aspects of the theme that make it very desirable. This document describes how to improve the theme by modifying it. These changes will need to be made again whenever the theme is updated to a new version.

Header Text Problem. The header of the Twenty Ten Theme displays the website name in a huge font along with the tagline in a font almost too small to read. If the tagline is too long, it will wrap into two, three, or more lines of text. In any case, there ends up being a space at the top of the page.

Header Text Removal. The following change can be made to the style.css file of the theme, but this should only be done by someone comfortable with editing theme files. Theme editing is found in the Dashboard under Appearance > Editor. It’s a good idea to save a copy of any them file before modifying it. By copying all text, then pasting it to a text file, a backup can be preserved. The portion of the style.css file modified below are shown below with the added text shown in red on the right. Find the section of the style.css file that contains the text below and add display: none; where shown below.