Organization: Harvard Magazine

Type of media: Print magazine and website

Address: 7 Ware street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Contact: Nell Porter Brown

Phone number: 617-496-6698

Email[email protected]


I am writing an article about people who live in smaller (2,000 sq or less) or tiny houses (1,000 or less) in New England, with less stuff. The trick is that because this is Harvard Magazine, I need owners/dwellers and/or builders/architects who have a Harvard affiliation—faculty, staff, or alumni.

I am on deadline with this article—trying to pin people down by early next week. Please let me know if anything or anyone fits this bill—and if there are architects/designers/builders I should also contact in New England.

Nell Porter Brown
Assistant Editor, Harvard Magazine
7 Ware Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

[Harvard Magazine is a university alumni magazine that goes to alumni, faculty, and staff approx. 331,000 circa.]