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Summary. According to Apple, their 85-watt power cord will work on all their Macbook notebooks. [source]

Standardization – Almost. In recent years, Apple standardized their Macbook power cord plugs with the MagSafe adapter plug. This allows the cords to be physically interchangeable. Yet they aren’t functionally interchangeable — you can’t use a lower wattage cord on a notebook requiring more wattage (even if the cord fits okay).

Cost and Determining Wattage Types. The power cords cost about $80 from Apple and come in three wattage options:

  • 45-watt (for MacBook Air)
  • 60-watt (for MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro)
  • 85-watt ((for 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pr

For assistance in choosing the right power cord, Apple has a document to determine which cord is right for you.

Power Savings. If you have a smaller MacBook, like the MacBook Air, you can use the 45-watt cord and reduce the amount of power you use.

Universal Cord. If you want a cord that will work on just about anyone’s Apple MacBook notebook, including one you might purchase in the future, then buy an 85-watt cord. This is the best choice because you can loan it to a friend at the coffee shop and be sure it will work regardless of what Apple Macbook notebook they have.