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Contact: Lysanne Louter

Phone number: 416-205-2799

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I’m a producer with CBC’s The National working on a series of stories about alternative housing for seniors (outside of traditional nursing homes and long-term care facilities).

I’m curious if you know of any interesting/alternatives places where seniors are living? I’m looking for really unique examples… such as small houses in the backyard or laneway of their kids’ house or in a small house seniors community. I am looking for people in Canada, but I would be interested in American examples too if they’re really unique and not too far from Toronto. Are there any architects/designers/activists who I should talk to as well?

I am putting together a pitch for later this week and would like to begin filming the second week of May 2012.

CBC News, The National

office 416 205 2799
email [email protected]
twitter @lysannelouter


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