Summary. Eating nutritious and delicious food is central to the practice of healthful living. This page is a guide to nutritious and delicious foods. Click here for recipes for nutritious food.

Cravings. It is difficult to wrestle against the body’s desire for sweets, salty food, or greasy/oily food. Rather than struggling against cravings, it’s best to eliminate them by taking nutritional supplements to ensure your body isn’t starving from a deficiency. Also, getting plenty of sleep and exercise can help limit or eliminate cravings.

Super Foods and Power Foods. Consider having a super food pyramid and make the bulk of your daily and weekly food intake consist of nutrient dense foods. Here are some links for information about super foods.

Super-Bad Foods. There are some foods that should be avoided as much as possible.

  • Refined Sugar. Depending on the person, refined sugar may cause dry feet, body aches, sweating, tiredness, stuffy nose, stiff muscles, and reduced flexibility.