Walmart is known for having every day low prices on their merchandise, and even so, Walmart internet coupons are available.

Walmart is able to offer such values by streamlining their store operations and having influence over their suppliers. For example, something as simple as store lighting is evaluated and optimized. Skylights use the light of the sun to provide natural lighting in the store, and when the light of the sun isn’t available or is reduced, inside lighting is turned on automatically through the use of light sensors. Every aspect of the store is made as efficient and economical as possible.

As mentioned above, despite the already low prices at Walmart, coupons can be found online. However, one needs to seek out legitimate sources for discounts and coupons.

Many of the coupons available online are directly supplied by manufacturers and will work at any retailer. Keep in mind that the use of online coupons can be slightly different than in-store coupons. coupons are available online on the website by going to the In-Store Coupons page. Websites like offer a Walmart coupons page, but they are simply using frames to embed the Walmart coupons page into their own site. [see example] For the sake of security and privacy, using the Walmart website directly is a better practice. The Walmart coupons page includes grocery coupons for Walmart as well as those for other products.

If you’re wanting to expand the available coupons at your disposal, you may want to consider joining some high-quality coupon and discount websites. Below is a list to consider. We’ve picked websites that are well designed and easy to navigate. Some examples are provided using a search for the term Walmart on each site.

  • – This is a coupon site that is really well designed graphically, making it easy to find what you need. [example]
  • – A nice website that’s easy to navigate. Many coupon codes are available including Walmart internet coupons. This site is mostly brand focused, although once you join you can have a list of favorite stores.
  • – This site uses their affiliate earnings for referrals to deliver small percentage discounts to shoppers. For example, their Walmart discount is 1.5% for those who join. When you click on the Shop Now button, your shopping generates a small commission for and they share a portion of that with you. They also offer a listing of coupons. [example]
  • – A great source of online coupons as well as in-store coupons. They even have a searchable feature that lets you list coupons for specific stores such as Walmart. [example]
  • – A well designed website that provides easy access to savings by store or item. [example]
  • – An online social network integrated website that provides localized coupon features. They offer a book on savvy coupon shopping as well as online advice. [example]

The video below is an introduction to website and offers a glimpse into the world of serious coupon shoppers.