Engineering Companies in Iowa Providing Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Chemical, and Process ServicesSummary. This page offers a brief listing of top engineering firms with engineers who provide Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Chemical, and Process services.

Purpose. Because works with architectural and property development companies in eastern Iowa, we offer this list to our clients as a useful directory.

Selection Process. Selected are firms that specialize in sustainable design technologies such as geothermal energy sourcing, solar power augmentation, wind power, and LEED certified projects.

Content Sourcing. Descriptions and logos are provided as excerpts from each company’s website and about page. If you know of other Iowa engineering firms that should be listed here, please let us know.

  • Innovative Engineers, Inc. – “INNOVATIVE ENGINEERS INC. (IEI) is a leading consultant for mechanical and electrical engineering design based in Iowa. Our firm also offers Sustainability and Energy related services such as Commissioning, energy modeling, Renewable energy, LEED consulting and geothermal design. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality engineering services for our clients, and we have an outstanding record of providing top quality service in both the public and private sectors. Service and client satisfaction is always a priority and we continue to take the initiative and constantly upgrade our skills to maintain our status as a leader in our field.” [More…]
  • KJWW – “KJWW Engineering is a national leader in consulting engineering services for building and infrastructure systems and a leader in the healthcare market. Named 2011 Midwest Designer of the Year, KJWW provides clients with a distinctive approach to integrated engineering services. Our unique combination of mechanical, electrical, structural, technology, acoustics, architectural lighting and medical equipment planning services provides the highest level of integration among these interdependent systems. The breadth of these services is unmatched in the industry. Complimenting our core practice, we offer facility assessments, infrastructure master plans, feasibility and life cycle studies, construction administration and systems commissioning.” [More…]
  • Design Engineers – “We provide excellence in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering design. Our systems are designed to be energy efficient, durable, and sized right for the task. Our diverse team of engineers are tenacious problem solvers, intrigued by complex engineering puzzles and thrilled when we find their solutions.” [More…]
  • Farris Engineering – “Since 1967, Farris Engineering has provided mechanical, electrical, lighting, life safety, technology and commissioning services to clients throughout the Midwest. Our key operating values are centered on ethical behavior, valuing people, and always striving for excellence. This has led to a culture where trust and respect is the backbone of a friendship, allowing for open communication between our design team and the client to pursue innovation and address even the biggest challenges. Of the firm’s more than 90 employees almost half of them are professionally registered graduate engineers. All believe that understanding a project’s scope involves a clear understanding of the client’s business, opportunities and goals, with an eye toward growth and sustainability.” [More…]
  • Alvine Engineering – “In 1961, our founding year, few buzz words existed to describe what we saw as just plain good engineering. Since then, those words have passed, new challenges faced our industry and our clients, and new technologies and processes were adopted, but our approach has remained consistent. … Given the availability of countless burgeoning technologies and promising approaches, it can be easy to forget that purpose and function drive design and not the other way around. We haven’t forgotten. This understanding reveals something we’ve always known: each project is unique as each client.” [More…]
  • Shive-Hattery – “Shive-Hattery is an architecture and engineering firm with over 115 years of continuous operation. We go beyond full service to give clients a single source of solutions. Outstanding client service is our mission. The process of getting there is unique to each project and each client. Providing the right team of talented specialists, identifying and managing the critical steps to success and delivering quality service—it’s what we’ve done for more than 115 years.” [More…]
  • Stanley Consultants – “At Stanley Consultants, our mission is based on placing your needs first. Our multidisciplinary teams of professionals provide engineering, environmental and construction services worldwide. We do this with high ethics and a focus on developing and maintaining long-term client relationships. Since 1913, Stanley Consultants has served clients on more than 23,000 engagements across the United States and around the world. Our clients include international, federal, state and local agencies; developers; electric utilities; industry; and education, research and health care institutions. A great deal of our work is repeat business with clients who have appreciated our services enough to invite us back.” [More…]
  • URS Corporation – “URS Corporation is a fully integrated engineering, construction and technical services organization with the capabilities to support every stage of the project life cycle—from inception through start-up and operation to decommissioning and closure. We offer program management; planning, design and engineering; systems engineering and technical assistance; construction and construction management; operations and maintenance; and decommissioning and closure services. Through our network of offices across the United States and in nearly 50 countries, we provide services to a broad range of clients around the world, including U.S. federal government agencies, national governments of other countries, state and local government agencies in the United States and internationally, and private sector clients worldwide representing a wide variety of industries. Our work is focused in four key market sectors: federal, infrastructure, power, and industrial and commercial. Within each of these markets, our comprehensive skills and expertise are a valued resource to clients around the world. … URS Corporation’s oldest predecessor company was founded in 1904. URS was established in 1951, and incorporated in 1957 as Broadview Research—a research group active in the area of physical and engineering sciences. In 1967, management developed a growth strategy focused on building a multidisciplinary professional services firm. In 1968, Broadview Research acquired United Research Incorporated of Cambridge, Massachusetts. During this period, the name Broadview Research was changed to United Research Services and later shortened to URS. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, URS continued to expand through internal growth and strategic acquisitions that enhanced our engineering, architectural and environmental practices. These acquisitions included Madigan-Praeger; Coverdale and Colpitts; John A. Blume and Associates; Hill Dreman Chase; and Dalton, Dalton and Newport.” [More… | Des Moines Location]

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  • Process Engineering Associates – “Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was formed in January 1996 to provide process design, engineering, and safety services to any and all of the processing industries. Our concept was to specialize only in process engineering and hire only chemical engineers. This unique focus has allowed us to attract and retain some of the best chemical engineering talent available anywhere. PROCESS’ personnel are experienced, highly-motivated chemical engineers with track records of significant achievement in the process engineering field.”
  • Process Engineering – Everything You Need To Know! – “Process engineering is a complex and continuously changing field – so it can be quite difficult to understand exactly what a process engineer does on a day-to-day basis. However, it’s all in the name! Process engineers are responsible for the design, implementation, control, and optimisation of industrial processes.  In this article, we’ll take a deep look at process engineering, and discuss everything you need to know about this field. From the basics about what process engineering is, to typical industries served by process engineering companies, job responsibilities, tools used and much more. Keep reading, and get an in-depth understanding of process engineering – in just a few minutes!”