The University of Iowa Information Technology Facility located on the Oakdale campus is the University’s first building to achieve LEED Platinum certification. The facility is 43,000-square-foot and cost $30 million to construct. [source]

Engineering Firms. Involved in the project were the following engineering firms:

Construction Companies. Involved in the project were the following construction contractors:

Sustainability Technologies. The sustainable aspects of the facility include:

  • Diverted construction waste from landfill: 341 tons (86 percent of total)
  • Green materials: 55 percent of wood-based construction materials were Forest Stewardship Council certified, and 32 percent of the total construction materials were recycled. Almost half of the building materials came from within 500 miles.
  • Efficient fixtures: will cut potable water use by an estimated 41 percent
  • Sustainable transportation: bicycle storage, shower facilities, and carpool parking
  • Bio-retention cell: 7,800-square-foot garden-like area on 6 feet of soil with 1,500 plantings will retain and absorb water runoff. It will serve as a natural filter and provide erosion control.
  • Minimal heat island effect thanks to a white roof and highly reflective materials
  • Low-emitting materials throughout the building
  • Optimal indoor air quality through enhanced ventilation and thermal comfort design, and implementation of a green cleaning program

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