The Johnson County Justice Center is a proposed initiative aimed at helping preserve the historic Johnson County Courthouse by creating an expanded courthouse facility that will decrease the overuse of the historic courthouse.

The Johnson County Courthouse was designed and constructed in 1900 when the population of Johnson County was about 24,000 people (source). Today, at more than 100,000 people in Johnson County, the courthouse is inadequate to serve the needs of the county. In Iowa City alone, the population has risen from about 8,000 people to about 70,000 people in that same timeframe.

In the 42 years from 1838 to 1900, Johnson County expanded and replaced four courthouses. (source) However, in the 112 years since 1900, Johnson County has continued to use the same courthouse facilities. This has created inefficient and unsafe conditions because of the increased population.

Hundreds of Johnson County citizens and numerous local organizations are supporting the new Johnson County Justice Center. Click here to view the supporter list.

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