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Summary. This is a review of the Kenmore Countertop Water Filter Model 32-34551. The unit may be (or may have been) discontinued or unavailable from Sears in the future, however this review offers useful information relating to countertop water filter systems.

Price. On 17 March 2008, The Sears store in Coralville, Iowa was selling the Kenmore Countertop Water Filter Model 32-34551 on clearance for about $2 each. Countertop filter systems can cost from $30 to $100 or more. So, the $2 price was a bargain.

Filtration. The system uses a standard Kenmore water filter cartridge 42-34370. This is the same filter used in other Kenmore water filtration systems such as whole home systems. For this reason, the filter is rated at 6 months or 3000 gallons.

Support. More information is available at the website. However, the page dedicated to this model filter system has been removed. The owner’s manual is available as a PDF file.

Function. This countertop system uses standard water pressure to force the water through a sediment filter as seen in the diagram below.

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