17 September 2012

Friends of Smaller and Simpler Living,

The small house movement has an abundance of plans for building smaller homes. At this point, for most people, the challenge of downsizing isn’t an architectural one, but an internal one.

A transition toward simpler living, whether by choice or circumstance, challenges us at every level: career, relationships, finances, and the emotional work required to let go of the stuff that’s become attached to us like barnacles.

I recently met Larry Barsh, who is exceptionally gifted at providing advice on many areas of life, including the holistic transformation required to simplify one’s life. I’d highly recommend connecting with Larry. He offers a 15-minute free consultation, and after that his rates are very reasonable and affordable.

As a special limited offer, I am happy to provide “matching time” for free, as a consultant in anything related to small houses, computer support, website development, business marketing, or any of the other services from ResourcesForLife.com. That means for every hour of time with Larry, you’ll qualify for a free hour from me.

I’d encourage you to visit his website Someone-To-Talk-To.me, and for some great inspiration on simpler and more joyful living, Like his Facebook page.



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