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Summary. Fair Grounds Coffee House is one of the few cafés in Iowa City that specialize in vegetarian and vegan foods and baked goods.

Location. Conveniently located a few blocks from downtown, Fair Grounds is close but at the same time it is removed from the noise and busyness of the central downtown area making it a quiet retreat for work, meeting with friends, or a business meeting.

Seating. There is plenty of comfortable inside seating at Fair Grounds including a few nice couches.

Events. There is plenty of seating for special events. According to the website, “We have a large seating area with room for ~40 people that can be set aside for your event. Give us a call if you’d like to arrange something.”

Vegetarian and Vegan Foods. According to their website, “Everything is prepared in-house, and all the desserts are vegan. The waffles and French Toasts are vegan with vegetarian options, and the sandwiches are vegetarian with a choice of four different homemade fresh vegan cheeses, which can be purchased by the pound! Fair Grounds does not charge extra for soy or rice milks! There are often gluten-free baked goods, and gluten-free waffles are always available. The bakery is exclusively vegan and open to special orders.” The menu is available as a PDF file for download.

Art. One of the highlights of Fair Grounds is the regular display of art which includes paintings, photography, poems, and other work.