Update your Neat for Mac Software to the latest version today. [Update] This update includes the following changes:

New Feature:

  • Multi-page scanning:  If you use a Neat mobile scanner, Neat for Mac now supports scanning multiple pages as a single document into PDF. For example, you can scan a 12-page contract and save it as a single PDF file.

Sync Improvements:

  • You no longer need to log in each time you use Neat for Mac.
  • If you use NeatCloud, the sync completion percentages are now more accurate. Follow-up syncs are more efficient and less noticeable.

Usability Improvements:

  • UI Improvements: Multiple cosmetic changes have been made to labels and pop-ups to improve your overall user experience. For instance, the scanner calibration and cleaning screens now include more relevant images and instructions.
  • Email expense reports: All users should now be able to email expense reports from within the app.
  • Local currency settings: We have restored the ability for users to view amounts in their local currency setting.

Bug Fixes:

  • Item View restored for all users
  • Many fixes were made around scanning, sync, and scanner support to dramatically improve overall stability and performance!