Summary. It’s not possible to upload music or audio files to unless you upgrade your site to have the expanded storage package. The pricing starts at $20 per year for this feature.

Upgrade. To upgrade, from your Dashboard, go to Store and find Space Upgrades. You’ll notice the disclaimer states that only with a space upgrade can you upload audio files.

Once you click on Buy Now, you’ll be able to select how much storage space you’d like to purchase.

There’s a 30-day refund policy, so if you find you don’t need the extra space or features, you can cancel and get your money back.

Features. You can add 10, 25, 50, 100, or even 200 gigabytes to your blog, so you’ll have all the room you need to host tons of photos, docs, and music. Other benefits of more storage space:

  • Allows you to upload additional filetypes, like MP3s.
  • Perfect for podcasts—fast storage with permalinks.
  • Your files stay around as long as your blog does.
  • We don’t limit your bandwidth.
  • Your files won’t feel crowded.