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Summary. With the help of many, our 3 July 2006 Green Festival was a wonderful event. We want to thank Graham Hill of Feel Good Cars for coming all the way from Boulder, Colorado for the festival. We particularly want to recognize and thank Sheila Samuelson of One Shade Greener for helping to coordinate and mobilize this event with only two business days advance notice.

Photos. Click here for event photos.

Flyer. The event promotional flyer in PDF format is still available in the following file sizes: Small (112kb), Medium (360kb), Large (2MB).

Supporters and Promoters. We want to thank the hundreds of individuals, businesses, organizations, institutions, and agencies who participated in the Resources for Life Green Festival and/or expressed support for the event. Among those who helped make the event a success were:

Please note that the listing above indicates provider or supplier of services or products. This does not mean that products or services were donated unless otherwise indicated.