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Summary. Pant leg clips for bicycling are typically over priced and not very effective. Velcro leg clips don’t have sufficient elasticity so they may loosen while riding or be too restrictive. Metal bands can be uncomfortable. Rolling pants up doesn’t look very good and causes the pants to get wrinkled. One of the best pant leg clips can be made by hand using some basic outdoor camping gear.

Making Pant Leg Retainers. Active Endeavors of Iowa City sells elastic 1/8″ shock cord (item 40921 at 20 cents per foot) like the kind used for tents, backpacks, and other outdoor gear. Also available from Active Endeavors are “pop-locks” (item 16570 at 60 cents each) like the kind used for jackets, tents, backpacks, and other outdoor gear. Request two feet of shock cord for each retainer (four feet for a set). The shock cord can be cut to your specifications. Take each two foot length of shock cord and run the ends through the pop-lock. Then tie the ends to prevent the pop-lock from slipping off. The total cost for a pair of these is about $2.