There are many soda pop carbonated beverage making systems on the market today ranging in price from $100 or higher. These offer on-demand soda pop using more natural syrups. The Sodastream brand of beverage makers is one of the more popular brands (shown below). At about $30 each, the larger carbonation cylinders of CO2 can be quite expensive. Add to this the cost of purchasing syrup in small bottles at about $10 each (for multiple servings), and the cost per bottle may be close to 50 cents or higher. That’s less expensive than purchasing cans of carbonated juice at the natural foods store.

Home Made Carbonated Juice

However,  you can save money and get a more nutritious beverage from combining inexpensive club soda (soda water) with fresh squeezed juice. Club soda by itself is also quite refreshing.

SodaStream Carbonated Beverage Maker