Box.com is one example of online collaboration, but collaboration is much more than just sharing a common file storage system with colleagues. To better understand online collaboration, you can explore how companies deliver online collaboration services.

Here are some companies that offer their own version of what they consider online collaboration:

  • Basecamp.com – Collaboration is about accomplishing tasks, reaching goals, planning for events, and working as a team. Therefore, project management should be at the center of collaborative solutions with the other elements like email, file sharing, and group discussions being just parts that serve the bigger goals.
  • Box.com – Collaboration is about sharing files and collectively editing them.
  • CentralDesktop.com – Collaboration is about collective project management, enhanced email, online chat, and sharing files.
  • OneHub.com – Collaboration is about sharing files.
  • Stixy.com – The entire world of collaboration can be summed up in two words: sticky notes. Therefore, any online collaboration solution should be centered around the ability for groups of people to post sticky note ideas on stuff like photos and documents.
  • Teambox.com – Collaboration is about sharing common lists of tasks, notes, files, and conversations.
  • WordPress.com – Collaboration is all about having a shared website that multiple people can edit and manage. Because the collective conversation, images, articles and other media are on websites.