Amazon has joined JC Penney, CoverGirl, and Chevrolet to be among the first companies to feature LG people in advertising. This will no doubt invoke praises and support from some while at the same time it will result in boycotts and protests from others.

In advertising, companies usually stick with “safe” themes for their ads and avoid anything that might be interpreted as taking a political, cultural, religious, or social position on any issue. When people are featured in ads, it’s common to see a husband, wife, two kids, and a dog. [more: Wikipedia, Families in Advertising]

When companies choose to use their advertising influence for social and political change, it usually costs them sales among those who don’t support or believe in what they are promoting. Despite this, companies are looking beyond profits to promote what they believe to be are socially positive goals.

When Ellen DeGeneres was hired by Covergirl (read more) and JC Penny, there was a backlash from anti-gay activists. Against this backdrop, Chevrolet hired Isaac Mizrahi to promote their 2013 Malibu. In June 2012 ABC News reported on the public response to other gay-friendly ads from JC Penny. This latest ad from Amazon (shown above) pushes the envelope further by presenting two married gay men, a first in advertising.