Gregory Paul Johnson – Personal Update 201302 | February 2013

Dear Friend,

Here’s my personal update for February 2013.

New Format. My previous monthly updates were organized according to the life map. I’m using that format now as a Personal Life Map status report page. For this month’s update, I’ve changed the format to be more like a personal note.

Overview. February was quite busy with technology consulting, consumer defense, and website design. To conserve time, I’ll share more about one project from February.

Website Design. My Iowa City Web Design business continues to keep me busy. I’ve been working on several large website projects. During the month of February I had an opportunity to launch a remodeled version of the website for the Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future. The WNSF has been a great group to work with, and the WNSF board represents some of the most notable women involved in sustainability efforts today. For their 2013 Summit, I was pleased to have listed as a sponsor along with Intel, McGraw Hill, KPMG, Swarovski, and a few other companies I admire.

Many thanks to all of you who are continuing to keep me in your thoughts, prayers, and meditation time. ~ Gregory