Gregory Paul Johnson – Personal Update 201304 | 30 April 2013 | Tuesday

Dear Friend,

Here’s my personal update for April 2013.

New Format. Starting in February this year, I changed the format of these updates to be more like a personal note. My previous monthly updates were organized according to the life map. I’m using that format now as a Personal Life Map status report page that I can update as needed.

Justice System Reform. Last year, I setup a page on Facebook called Justice Equity that aggregates top news stories from the incarceration reform movement. This month I launched as a sister website with an emphasis on cooperation and collaboration among all the stakeholders of justice system reform. A Justice Center proposed for Johnson County (up for vote on May 7) has resulted in many good ideas being proposed for improving our local justice system and reducing incarceration rates. So, I’ve been communicating with Justice Center opponents and advocates alike to assemble some of these ideas on the Justice Equity website. Although this is a very tense local issue, and people have strong feelings on both sides, I’ve been able to work with people on both sides of the issue and collaborate on a long-term plan for improving our local justice system and reducing incarceration rates. I’ve written two articles you may find interesting. One article is on the topic of transcendent activism applied to reducing racial disparity of arrest and incarceration rates. The other article is about prison abolition and prison reform as they relate to the Justice Center concept.

Small Living. I continue to be supportive of the small and simple living movement. This past month I was able to interview Cheryl Martin and discuss her presentation on small house living and tiny house communities. Click here to view the video.

Health & Fitness. I’ve started exercising two times a day with an increased workout in the morning (30 minutes on the treadmill while lifting free weights). In the evenings, I’m going for walks (weather permitting). This bump in my exercise routine has accelerated my weight loss, which is encouraging. For the month of May, beginning tomorrow, I plan to start riding my bicycle as well.

Other News. As is usual, I continue to be busy with technology consulting, website design, and my work at the University of Iowa. As you’ll see from the recent documents posted, I’ve also been busy writing.

Many thanks to all of you who keep in touch and provide support for the work I do.

~ Gregory