Resources for Life News 200806 | 30 June 2008 | Monday

Dear Friend,

I know that time is precious for everyone these days, so I’ll try to keep this update short. The approximate reading time for this message is about 4 minutes. Feel free to reduce your reading time even more by skipping over topics that don’t interest you.

Personal Update. My personal update for June is now available. Learn how I gained 40 pounds and aged 30 years in 6 months! Since mid-June, by applying the Holistic Living System, I’ve now lost 8 pounds and reversed my metabolic age by 10 years in only two weeks! My plan is to lose 40 pounds and reverse my metabolic age back to 20 by applying the principles and teachings presented on the Resources for Life website.

Heart Songs. The Heart Songs selections for June include numerous songs originating from India.

What’s New. Rather than send you to the What’s New page, I’ll list the recent highlights and additions to the site here so you can have your pick.

Put Your Life on a Diet. My new book, Put Your Life on a Diet, is now listed on Amazon and available for sale online as well as in local bookstores. The official launch of Put Your Life on a Diet is scheduled for 7:00 PM, Friday, 11 July 2008 at Prairie Lights Books in Iowa City.

New Newsletter Distribution and Format. For more than 8 years, the Resources for Life newsletter has gone out every month by e-mail to people around the world, on every continent. On Earth Day 2008, I began publishing the newsletter directly to the web. The monthly newsletter notice still goes out, letting people know when it is available to read online. The online format of the newsletter is consistent with the rest of the Resources for website. This new method of delivery makes it possible to go back and make changes or corrections as needed to text or links that may have changed. It is also possible to subscribe via RSS feed with this new format.

What’s New. Remember you can always find out the latest news by visiting the What’s New page and the Documents page.

Thanks. I want to thank the global team of volunteers and workers “behind the scenes” who help make all this possible. I’m very grateful to the many people who continue to uphold and advance the mission of Resources for Life. Thanks again for your support. Please let me know if there is any way that Resources for Life can serve you better.


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