The Shop Locally Trend

There has been a recent resurgence of consumer demand for locally sourced, assembled, engineered, and manufactured products and services. So, we’re increasingly seeing companies proudly proclaim their products are “Made in the USA” or “Assembled in the USA” or “Engineered in the USA.” There is now a Made in USA brand with accreditation standards that companies can be measured by and apply for Made in USA Certification.

USA Products and Services

Here’s a short list of companies offering products or services that are USA based. We’ll add to the list as we become aware of additional companies to feature here.

  • AllAmericanClothing.com – “When you purchase from All American Clothing you are helping our economy in so many ways! For example: the clothing is made in the USA, the box it shipped in was made in the USA, our website is hosted by a USA company, the shipping companies are all from the USA, the people who built our building are USA citizens, etc…As you can see, buying one shirt or a pair of jeans that is “Made in USA” affects many jobs in many different industries.”
  • Apple has announced that their upcoming Mac Pro computer will be made in the USA.
  • Lands’ End – Has established itself as a premier U.S. manufacturer of clothing and other products.
  • New Balance has been dedicated to domestic manufacturing for many years.
  • VMWare is a provider of virtualization computing solutions. In a comparison chart of features and benefits, specifically listed is “Engineered in the USA” as a benefit their product offers over the competition (Parallels Desktop).



Bags and Backpacks

Clothing and Outerwear

Footwear, Shoes, Boots, Etc.

Headware and Hats


Made in the USA Culture

There is an undercurrent of patriotism and local pride that supports the trend toward supporting USA sourced services and products. Below is a sampling.

Made in the USA by Demi Lovato (video)