The AIRO Wristband promises to be the most advanced activity and wellness monitoring system ever, with the ability to analyze your pulse and blood spectrographic details.

Video Introduction


Most activity bracelets or pedometers just track movement. They don’t know the difference between lifting a bag of chips or weight lifting. Similarly, movement tracking systems can misinterpret riding in a car with running. Some apps can use a GPS to track speed. Yet, everybody is different and every body is different. So, the AIRO actually tracks your heart rate as well as motion to determine the intensity of your activity. It can determine how many calories your are burning with much greater accuracy.


Most nutrition and calorie tracking systems depend on inaccurate entry of information on food nutrition labels or guesswork. The AIRO system uses a spectrometer to analyze your blood characteristics and determine food intake – automatically.

“As your body breaks the food down, the sensor can detect the amount of light that passes through the blood based on green, red and infrared patterns. [In the future] We might be able to see a difference in waveform, that would show you whether something is better or worse for the body. AIRO’s caloric intake measurement might differ from that on food packaging, because different people process foods differently.” – Abhilash Jayakumar, co-founder and CEO of Airo Heath (Source: Engadget)

Most diets, point counting, and calorie counting systems assume that all people process foods the same. The AIRO system recognizes that our response to and processing of foods will be very different depending on who we are and what we’ve been doing.


Some sleep quality monitoring and tracking systems simply calculate quality of sleep based on body movement. Because the AIRO system can analyze pulse and blood, it is able to determine the quality of sleep more accurately.


A major factor in high blood pressure and heart disease is the stress level in our life and how (if at all) we deal with it. The AIRO system can monitor stress and provide suggestions for dealing with it.

Purchase Information

The AIRO product is still in development, but pre-orders are available for $149 ($50 off the planned retail price). Similar to other crowd funded projects, development of the AIRO will be completed by Fall 2014 and shipped at that time, with sales beginning in the Fall of 2014. Learn more at GetAIRO.com.

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