The rabbi greets the newest couple at his synagogue.

“Welcome, my friends! Have you brought the children along?”

“No, Rabbi, we don’t have any kids.”

“Aha, then the Lord has sent you to me for a reason! What are your names?”

“David and Esther Kaplan.”

The rabbi writes, “David and Esther Kaplan… there! I’m going to have this note flown to Jerusalem immediately and placed in the kotel (Western Wall) for a special blessing!”

“Oh thank you, Rabbi, I hope it works.”

“Depend on the Lord, my dears!”

Five years later, the rabbi runs into Esther on the street.

“Esther Kaplan! How are you? Haven’t seen much of you lately. Tell me, did the Lord deliver a special blessing?”

“Yes, Rabbi, we have 11 children now – one set of twins, and three sets of triplets.”

“Baruch Hashem! So many blessings! I must congratulate David. Is he at home?”

“No, he’s in Jerusalem.”

“Baruch Hashem! I should be so lucky. Is he there on business?”

“No, he’s at the kotel, trying to find the note with our names on it…”