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We offer agriculture conulting for everyting from permaculture urban gardening to larger farming operations and those interested in either traditional farming methods or regenerative farming approaches.

  • Branding – Having a logo and other brand components for your farm helps build awareness and continuity.
  • Communications – If you have a large property and need mobile communications over a wide area we can help you purchase and setup radios and other communciations equipment.
  • Computer Support – We can help you purchase, setup, and maintain your computer including removal of malware and fixing operational problems.
  • Education – It is common for farms today to provide an educational component either on-premisis or through instructional videos. We can help you develop and refine a curriculum.
  • Security – For larger farm operations we can help you purchase and setup security and asset management equipment.
  • Social Media – We can help you establish a social media presence that can help promote your farm and build support for your operations.
  • Store – An online store for your farming operation can feature food or other items produced by your farm as well as merchanise like t-shirts and mugs. Merchandise helps spread the word about your operation and gives people a way to connect and support you.
  • Tech Services – We offer tech services to help setup and maintain computer-based equipment.
  • Utility Vehicles – We can help with the purchase, delivery, setup, and maintenance of your ATV/UTV equipment.
  • Video Production – If you desire to create a guided informational tour of your farm, and specific processes, we can help with that.
  • Web Design – We can help with your web presence by either creating a website for you, or working with your existing website. We offer exceptional training if you’d like to learn to do site management yourself.


Our Focus

Our focus is on farming that is: organic, small-scale, regenerative, hydroponic, and permaculture methods that are based on community supported agriculture. We also support and respect large-scale farming operations that are efficiently meeting the demands of our world’s more than 8 billion people. We believe that small-scale farming and large-scale farming operations can be complementary.

Featured Farm

We’re currently featuring LEAAD Farms of Marquette, Nebraska operated by Cale Carlson and family. They make exceptional use of social media promoting a positive image of family farming. Learn more by following the links below. The diversity of their farming operation provides many opportunities for developing multiple skill sets. Laura Carson, one of the Carson children, seems to be the primary driving fource behind their videos and social media.

  • Instagram – Cale Carlson [View]
  • Instagram – Laura Carlson [View]
  • LinkedIn – Cale Carlson [View]
  • Twitter – Cale Carlson [View]
  • Twitter – Laura Carlson [View]
  • YouTube – Cale Carlson [View]
  • YouTube – Laura Carlson [View]


Here are links to some common farming resources.

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