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About Aid to Iraq

On the evening of 17 March 2003, the President of the United States promised humanitarian aid and support to the people of Iraq. Click here for more information about what was promised.

Aid to Iraq at Resources for Life is an independent organization established to offer:

  1. Relief Information. Provide information about world-wide relief efforts for Iraq. Links

  2. Progress Assessment. Evaluate the progress of U.S. humanitarian aid that was promised to the Iraqi people. Feedback

  3. News Reporting. Evaluate U.S. domestic and world reactions to U.S. involvement in Iraq and make this information available to the public. News.

This site is cooperatively managed and sustained by the volunteer from around the world who contribute content. Our hope is that various respectful and considerate perspectives will be represented here.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on the Aid to Iraq website are not necessarily those of Resources for Life or any entity or individual affiliated with Resources for Life. They represent a balance of opinions from around the world. For questions or comments use the Aid to Iraq Feedback & Contact Form. Feedback | Copyright: Unless otherwise specified, to the best of our knowledge, the information on the Aid to Iraq website is public domain. It is collective global intellectual property. Therefore, no individual or corporation can claim ownership of or prevent anyone from using this information. This is similar to a General Public Use license. If you have a question about copyright or believe some of this material is being misused, please let us know immediately. Feedback | Advertising & Marketing: We have no pop-up advertisements. We do not sell buttons, bumper stickers, t-shirts, flags, or other memorabilia. We encourage people to spend their money on direct aid to Iraq through one of the charities listed on our links page. Links