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  1. 20060904mo1803. Bayer is now advertising their product “Aleve” by using real people and authentic stories rather than paid models pretending to benefit from the product. Click here to learn more.
  2. 20060808tu1717. Today, ABC News reported (at 13.34 in the podcast) on a new film, “A Girl Like Me,” that examines the negative racial perceptions that children adopt as a result of today’s advertising and media. Click here to read more.
  3. 20060731mo0116. Yulia Tymoshenko, former Prime Minister of Ukraine, was recently featured on the cover of Elle magazine (the Ukraine edition). In an interview with Elle, she apparently stated, “I am going to disappoint your readers but I am not doing anything special for my appearance... After working 16 hours a day, all I have time for is sleep.” In 2005, Tymoshenko was ranked by Forbes Magazine as the third most powerful woman in the world.
  4. 20060730su1830. "Models with long, straight, shiny hair, flawless complexions and pencil-thin bodies fill music videos and magazines. Adults recognize the gap between these images and reality. But for teenage girls, the photos and the videos seem more than real. They become the ideal these young women can’t reach. And when they can’t, lowered self-esteem results. In extreme cases, eating disorders and other forms of self-loathing develop." Click here to get the full article by Barbara Greenberg available from Commercial-News, Danville, Illinois.
  5. 20060718tu1108. There are billions of web pages searched by Google. At present, Modeling for Change is the only page that shows up on a search for "modeling agencies" and "serving the public interest." [view Google search results as of 20060718tu1108 | view current search results ]
  6. 20060712we1949. On the 15th of October 2002, Apple Computer choose to “think different” about advertising. On the main page of their website they featured a photo of Jimmy Carter building a home. This is an excellent example of advertising by using images of real people serving in the public interest.
  7. 20060710mo1637. At the time of this writing, 10 July 2006, a Google search on "modeling agencies" and "serving the public interest" produces zero results for the billions of web pages on the entire planet. This is one reason why Modeling for Change has been launched. Soon, one website (ours) will show up for the above search. Then others will pop up in the weeks and months to come.
The Need for a Change
Market forces have caused some modeling agencies to become puppeteers for promoting excessive materialism, gaudy glamor, superficial cosmetics, unhealthy bodies, fake fashion, conspicuous consumption, harmful products, and corporate culture domination. In this context, for some agencies, models become like puppets who are bought and sold on the auction block to the highest bidder. In the beef industry, cattle are fattened up to be sold. In the modeling industry, humans are starved so they can reach unhealthy weight levels. These factors and others suggest it is time for a change in the modeling industry.
Our Philosophy
At Modeling for Change, we’re attempting to redefine the modeling industry - as an agent for positive and meaningful social change. We believe that modeling agencies should work for the public interest. We believe that our cultural view of beauty should be synonymous with a healthy and holistic balanced life in harmony with nature. We believe the modeling industry has great untapped potential for positive social change. We work with adults of all ages from 20s to 80s and beyond. Non-conformist clothing is a plus. Women with shaved heads and unshaven legs are welcome.
Resources for Cultural Change
What We Do
We help connect socially minded companies, advertisers, photographers, and individuals interested in being models or spokes people for social change. We do this by featuring all of the above here on this site, through links and feature stories. If you’re interested, simply send us a photo (if applicable), tell us a little bit about you and/or your company, and we’ll consider featuring you or your company on our site with a link to your page.
What We Don’t Do
We’re not a modeling agency as they are commonly viewed today. We help people connect directly, so we don’t represent anyone in particular as their agent. Also, if you’re looking for swimsuit models, women in lingerie, or nude photos, you’ll need to look elsewhere. We don’t use women or men as sex objects to sell products or services.
What You Get
In exchange for volunteering to work on one of our anti-commercialism campaigns, you’ll be featured here on our site and that will help drive visitor traffic to your professional modeling site, consulting page, business, or to a charity of your choosing. It’s free advertising and valuable exposure. We can also provide you with some nice quality photos that you can use however you please. If you are a model or company who found success through our service, let us know and we’ll consider featuring your story here.
A Better Copyright Policy
We’re interested in cooperation - not competition. We believe that society is improved when people work together and cooperatively share their discoveries, intellectual works, and creative labors. That’s why all the work we do is covered under a better copyright policy. Click here to learn more.
OUR MISSION & GOALS We’re a volunteer-based modeling agency committed to social change.

So, modeling for us won’t put change in your pocket, but it might help change the world.

We promote products, services, lifestyles, and initiatives that have a positive impact on the planet:
* small and simple living
* recycling
* bicycling rather than driving
* water - the best choice in beverages... available in bulk!
* vegetarian and vegan living
* unconventional clothing, hair styles, and fashion
* beauty without cosmetics
* progressive non-conformist individuals, couples, and families
* gender transcendent themes subliminal 
for social change change 
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