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Welcome to the Photography Resource Group. A Google Search for "Photography Resource Group" (without the quotes) produces about 18 million results, with our site usually being listed among the top three. Click here to view the Google Search results. Many thanks to all of you who make this one of the top photography web pages in the world. Please let us know how we can serve you better.


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Sunset Photos and Light Metering (20070102tu0927) [ Index | Top ]

As you probably know, on digital cameras there is a choice between "spot" metering and "multi" metering which determines how the light level is analyzed. I sometimes will use the "spot" metering and then hold down the "take a picture button" about half-way (a technique I learned from my early days of photography) which allows the camera to make focal and lighting adjustments which then stay fixed as long as you are holding the button half-way down. Then, I move the camera back to frame the picture in just as I want it.

For example, if you are taking a picture of a sunset on the horizon using multi-metering mode, and the bright sky is taking up most of the picture, the lighting will be adjusted accordingly to make the larger portion of the picture (the "democratic majority of the picture") become that which determines the lighting. Yes, cameras have democracy built-in. In this way, the smaller portion of the picture (the little bit of ground on the horizon) will look under-exposed. So, the trick, then, is to use spot metering (which analyzes the lighting in the very center of the viewfinder) and point to something that represents what I want the lighting to be adjusted to. Then, still holding the button down part-way, I frame in the shot to get just the right lighting. That's how I do the sunset photos. I usually take several pictures that will give me varying degrees of light levels and then pick the best of the batch. With sunsets, the lighting is typically low. So, if you don't have a tripod, you can rest the camera on a vehicle or some other object and then use the self-timer so the camera is perfectly still when the photo is taken. You can see some samples on the Resources for Life Photography Sunsets Page.

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