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The Home Services initiative is dedicated to helping people in our building and immediate neighborhood, with an emphasis on assisting those who are elderly. To become a member, you must subscribe by email to receive news and important updates. [Subscribe] Other communications options are below. For those over the age of 65, there is typically little or no charge for these services (other than cost of goods). Those under the age of 65 pay a nominal fee that helps support this initiative.

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The Home Services initiative was originally established as a simple errander service for elderly people who are sick or otherwise homebound and needing someone to run to the drug store or grocery store for essential items. Especially in harsh Iowa winters, we wanted to make sure our neighbors needs were being met. In March 2020, the Home Services initiative has adapted to observe safety precautions for avoiding the spread of COVID-19. Most of our services require no in-person contact. We observe social distancing. We also wear masks and gloves whenever in stores or other public spaces. With more people staying home, and a greater concern about exposure to the coronavirus, there is an increased need for home services like those we provide. We have setup a special COVID-19 information portal to help keep people informed.

General Services

The following general services are available to those living at or near our location.

  • Delivery. We can provide pickup or delivery services to or from locations in Iowa City, Coralville, and North Liberty. For further locations contact us to make arrangements.
  • Facebook Group. Join the private Facebook group for news and updates. [Join]
  • Fax. We can help you send or receive a Fax.
  • For Sale. We can help you sell or give away items.
  • Garden Care. If you have a home garden or public garden location, we can assist with tilling, compost, planting, weeding, and seasonal care.
  • Groceries. Most grocery stores offer shoppping and delivery services, but perhaps there’s a single item you need or you’d like a few food items from different stores. We can help.
  • Lawn Care. Lawn care services are available.
  • Learning. Our Learning Center offers online training on a variety of topics as well as training documents and videos we can custom create for your own needs. [Visit]
  • Lost & Found. Get notified of lost items and help inform others if you’ve found something.
  • Office Supplies. Need paper, pens, or other office supplies? We can provide some simple items and save you from making a special trip to the store.
  • Postal. Need stamps, envelopes, or to have something shipped? We can help save you a special trip to the post office or UPS store.
  • Print. Need to print something and don’t have a printer? Or perhaps you’ve run out of ink or paper? We can help.
  • Recycling. We provide free training on best practices for recycling including how to clean and sort items. For those unable to handle their own recycling of items, we can sort items for you.
  • Scan. We can scan documents or photos up to ledger size of 11″ x 17″.
  • Trash. We can provide disposal of trash and refuse if you’re unable to take your trash bags to the dumpster.

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Automotive Services

Because automotive care can be a challenge for some people, we offer vehicle support services.

  • Fuel Refill. If you need your car refilled with gas, we can provide that service and have your car returned to you.
  • Ice Removal. In the winter, if your car is parked outside and covered in snow or ice, we can get it cleaned off.
  • Jumpstart. If your car won’t start, a jump start can be provided for no charge.
  • Maintenance. If you need an oil change or other regular maintenance, we can get the work done and have the car returned to you.
  • Pre-Heat. If your car is parked outside in the winter and you’d like it pre-heated, we can start it for you and get it warmed up.
  • Repairs. If you’d like we can take your car in for repairs, saving you time.
  • Snow Removal. If your car is parked outside in the winter, and you’d like a path cleared to access the vehicle, we can do that. If there is ice we can spread salt to reduce the chances of slipping and falling.
  • Unload. If you have groceries or other items you’d like unloaded and brought to your residence, we can do that.
  • Wash. If you’d like your car washed, we can have it cleaned and returned to you.

Note: We will use the greatest care possible in providing service for your vehicle. However, when completing the form below you agree to release us from responsibility for any damages.

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The goal is to primarily reach everyone by email with announcements and news. However, using multiple methods of contact can be more effective. Use the form below to indicate which of the following additional methods you would prefer.

  • Email. To receive important news and announcements by email, please subscribe or confirm your email subscription. [Subscribe]
  • Facebook. Our private Facebook Group is a good way to stay updated on news and engage with others in the community. [Visit]
  • Fax. If you would prefer receiving a fax with general news, let us know. This is a good option for people who aren’t online much. Use the contact form below to request this service.
  • Phone Call. If you are technology averse and would prefer to receive a phone call with any important news, we can provide that. Use the contact form below to request this service.
  • Postal Mail. If you would prefer receiving a letter or post card with general news, let us know. This is a good option for people who aren’t online much. Use the contact form below to request this service.
  • Text Message. We can offer text message alerts to those who prefer that method of staying updated. Use the contact form below to request this service.
  • Twitter. We recognize that some people aren’t on Facebook and prefer a simple way to get alerts. So, we also offer a private Twitter feed. [View]
  • Website. The Home Services page of our website should always have the latest news and announcements.

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