Effective Living | Small House Society

Summary. Welcome to the Housing Resource Group. The key to effective housing is to find the right size home for your current and future needs.

The Small House Society is one of our more popular groups. Homes like the Mobile Hermitage (shown here) are becoming increasingly popular.

Here are some resources for housing with an emphasis on green, simple, sustainable, and/or small.

Open-source Architecture. Below is a feature video on the topic of open-source architecture. We had one person complain about the volume level of this video being too high. Please turn your volume down and adjust slowly up to the desired listening level. This video is produced by, hosted by, and the responsibility of TED. If you have any difficulties viewing or hearing it, please contact TED.

Featured Item. Below is our featured item. DecoratedShed.com is bringing beauty and function to small homes, studios, and other outbuildings.

Housing Security. Home security systems are offered by companies such as ADT and can be tailored to meet your needs based on where you live.